Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pirates vs Ninjas (Spoiler Alert)

That's right folks.  The age old debate among the nerds over which group is more cunning, death defying and cool.  Why am I bringing this up you ask?  Because another debate happened right before my eyes tonight.  Journey vs Queen. 

Ah yes.  Now you're with me.  This has been a long pondered subject in my mind since I was introduced to the bands years ago.  Which do I like more?  Which has more powerful songs?  Who do I choose? 

Really both.  I love them equally because they are so unique in their own rights.  Much like the performances on Glee tonight.  Come on.  You all saw that one coming right?  What has Glee done?  They have thrust two of the best bands in our faces making us choose.  Well tonight guys, I choose Journey. 

Mainly because of the love I have deep inside for New Directions and a deep seeded hate for that Jesse kid in Vocal Adrenaline.  Come on?  What was it, The Jesse Show?  I think not!  Not with the brilliance of all the misfits backed by their brillo haired coach.  Marvelous!!

The show tonight was FANTASTIC! I mean Josh Groban (Kill Yourself), Sandy, the news anchor Sue dated and Sue!  What group could be more entertaining?  I also loved the labor scene entwined with the performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.  If you have known me longer than like five minutes you know I love that song.  And yes.  I did the head bang.  It's in my blood :)

One thing I found slightly amusing was Quinn's rapid return to school mere minutes after delivering her baby.  I totally saw it coming that the coach from Vocal Adrenaline would adopt said baby.  I'm ok with it though because Idina Menzel and I have lots in common.  Our voices are so similar you wouldn't be able to tell who was singing which note :)

I must also point out that it was a nice change for crying because of the kids, Mr. Schu, and Sue rather than Jimmy.  Everytime he makes an appearance I'm crying like a baby.  Go back to Christine Jimmy!! You're supposed to be funny.  *TEAR*

So I leave all seven of you with a question...

What's your favorite Journey/Queen song?  Mine?  Bohemian Rhapsody and Faithfully.  I tried really hard for C and I to dance to that at our wedding.  Metallica was great though :)


Lisa said...

Journey: Don't Stop Believin'/Faithfully
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody/Fat Bottomed Girls

I absolutely LOVED that episode.

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