Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sing us a song Uncle Ted!!

I have a very awesome friend here in Mississippi.  Her name is Kerri and I met her at work.  She is one of the strongest women I know.  She has been through so much this year and I just stand in awe of her and how she deals so graciously with everything.  I am very fortunate to have made such a great friend so far from home. 

Sorry for my grainy picture.  I was at work and took it with my Iphone.  She appears much more clearly in real life :)

Now, one of the things she has suffered recently is quite traumatic.  You might want to ask your children to leave the room.  The following is very graphic and includes pictures of a vicious attach by an 11 week old kitten.....

Last night I received a text from Kerri saying that she had been attacked by Harley (11 weeks old) and had been left alone to die.

Harley has been sneezing and the vet recommended a dose of Benadryl until Kerri could get him in the next day.  Kerri, her husband Mark, and their neighbor prepare for battle.  Kerri is holding Harley like a football while the TWO GROWN MEN attempt to give poor Harley the nasty dish soap tasting children's Benadryl. 

There was blood shed people.  Imagine the horror.  She suffered numerous wounds.  All of a sudden she knew exactly how Roy of Siegfried and Roy felt when their 380 pound tiger Montecore felt.  She was in such a daze of pain she could do nothing but text me and relay the horrific tale.  One handed I'm sure. 

Imagine my surprise when I get to work this morning and she is there with all limbs still intact and her face on straight.  I did photograph the wounds because I am all about reporting the truth and only the truth.

The horror.  This is the most brutal of the injuries and apparently the bleeder. 

If you can't make it out due to poor quality of photography, there a litterally tons of scratches on the upper part of her arm.

The brutality was unprecedented. 

Kerri was most frightened that she would develop Cat Scratch Fever and Bell's Palsy and asked that I be kind to her during this tragic illness to which she was doomed.

Like a good friend I quickly assured her that that was not going to happen.  She laughed hysterically days ago when my head bounced off the corner of my car door.  Payback little lady.

All joking aside, Kerri is truly a great friend and I don't know how I would make it here without her.  I hope you're thoughts are with her during her recovery. ;)


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