Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

So, who's tired of my Disney references in the title?  No one? Good.  Me either! C and I have been day dreaming lately about taking a trip to Ireland and Scotland in 2011.  We are super excited and will be contacting a travel agent soon.  Our plan is to visit Dublin for 5 days then go to Edinburgh Scotland for 5 days.  Who is just emerald green with jealousy?  Maybe don't be jealous until trip is booked eh?  Life has a funny way of getting hectic right when we plan things.

So a list of things we want to see/do in Dublin:

1.  Visit the Guiness Brewery.  I mean come on.  I know that stuff is gross but how can you fly all the way to Ireland and not get a pint of Guiness?

2.  Kilmainham Gaol is the most famous prison in Ireland.  The leader of the 1916 Rebellion was killed here.  Who doesn't want to visit a prison on vacation?

3.  Trinity College and Library was founded by Queen Elizabeth I.  Enough said my friends.

There is a festival in Scotland we want to go to called The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  No, not ink for your body.  A festival of all things Highlands with a Bagpipe and Drum show.  Did you know that Scottish people spell drums drams?  See, this is educational for all readers :) We also want to tour the Highlands while we are there and replay the scene in Braveheart.  You know,  we plan to be the average annoying American Tourists!  C does this well.  I have about 900 pics from the aquarium at Atlantis to prove this.

If you ever want to see every fish in Atlantis, just let me know ;)

The thing we are questioning is whether or not we will try Haggis.  If you are unfamiliar it is basically a stew of sheep parts cooked in the stomack of the sheep.  Mmmmm, tasty.  I am all for trying new things but I might have to draw the line on this one. 

I will leave you with one question... Where would your dream vacation be?  Also a little video from a past Military Tattoo.


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