Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Great Wall of Entrekin

What a busy weekend here in Mississippi.  Saturday, C and I painted the kitchen.  MOST TERRIBLE ROOM THUS FAR!!  There are lots of tiny pieces of wall that are about a 1/4 inch thick.  I had to use a special tiny brush to paint.  Also we have vaulted ceilings in the kitchen which was a lot of fun for C stretching on the very top of the ladder.  It is now a very beautiful shade called Latte.

We then hung plantation blinds in the spare bedroom and office.  I channeled C's mouse extermination technique and had to punch one of the blinds in place.  I now have a busted knuckle on my right hand reminiscent of a bar fight I've never been in.  Punching hurts.  Tell your kids.

This morning C and I got up and headed to Lowe's.  It's become our new Wal-Mart since becoming homeowners.  We loaded up 42 flagstone retainer wall stones and headed home to build some flower beds.  I began to lay the landscaping felt in the beds while C helped.  Oh My Goodness.  I really despise this stuff.  I ended up having to buy knee pads because the ground hurt so bad.  Picture this if you will.  I have on gray cutoff yoga pants, a pink tank top and neon green knee pads.  It's a wonder we didn't get kicked out of the neighborhood. 

C wanted to go two high with the stones but I thought one would be enough.  I'm putting this in writing so C will have it forever.... C was right.  Two high was much better.  So we headed back to Lowe's because as everyone knows, one trip never does it.  We bought 72 more stones.  Not an exaggeration people....72. 

We finished the fabric and stone work pretty quickly and the front yard is beginning to take shape.  Of course we have to go  back to Lowe's tomorrow to buy some more stones but by the end of the week it should be completed. 

On a funny note of the weeked, C almost broke his wrist today.  I laughed for almost 45 minutes.  He had just filled up the gas tank and reached through the steering wheel to reset the mileage and had to turn the wheel sharply to avoid hitting a curve and it wrenched his wrist.  I told him I wouldn't take him to the ER for that because the reason was just too ridiculous to tell a doctor.  I'm terrible I know.

I will have pics of a finished deck this week barring weather for you as well.  The contractor is supposed to begin tomorrow.  I don't know if C will be able to sleep tonight.

Here's a pic of the front of our house and the progress thus far.

Here's hoping I can convince C we should paint the blue siding next weekend :)  You can also see the desert in the yard where we shoveled up all of the devil pea gravel.  Soon it will be as green and pretty as the rest of the yard.


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